1) Pa Than Cuang- President

2) Pa Thawng Za Hnin - Vice President

3) Pa Tha Cung Mang - Secretary 

4) Pa Cyrus Za Uk Thang- assistant Secy

5) Pa Vi Vian - Trasurer 

6) Pa San Uk - Finance secy

7) Pa SanBawi Lian

8) Pa Isaac Van Bawi Mang

9) Pa Zung Thang

10) Pa Peter Chum

11) Pa Thian Za Thang

12) Pa Ngun Hre Luai



1) Nu Elizabeth Vang - President

2) Nu Lynda Tumpar - Vice President

3) Nu Ngun Tin Zing - Secretary

4) Nu  Sui Hlawn Mawi- Assistant Secy

5) Nu Baby Zo Tluang - treasurer

6) Nu Lal Tluang - Assistant treasurer

7) Nu Nem Cing

8) Nu Thawng Sin Thluai

9) Nu Tuan Zing Zahre

10) Nu Hming Mawi

11) Nu Khuang Tial

12) Nu Hniar Tin Sung




1) Tv Sammuel Thang - President

2) Tv. ELiezar Lian - Vice President

3) Tv. Khaw Tin Uk- secretary 

4) Tv. Kan Paul - assistant Secy 

5) Fl. Hniar Za Kil - Treasurer

6) Fl. Ngun Ngun - assistant treasurer 

7) Fl. Genevi Sui 

8) Tv. Andy Kap

9) Pa Thiang Nei Piang

10) Tv. Piang Lian Thang

11) Tv. Steven Lal

12) Fl. Hne Hnem

PASTOR: Rev. Hre Mang, Ph.D.



Wife: Lynda Parte Tumpar, B.E.,.M.E. Civil Engineer

Sons: Ginny Zalan Mang & Moses Cung Hlei Mang

Parents: Father - Pu Tial Hlei Kap & Mother- Pi Sa Tin Par



B.A. Bachelor of Arts in Theology, 1996 (Grace Bible College, India)

M.Th. Master of Theology, 1999 (Cohen Theological Seminary, India)

B.A. Bachelor of Political Science, 2002 (Hartwick College, New York, USA)

M.P.A. Master of Public Affairs, 2005 (Indiana University, Indiana, USA).

Ph.D. In leadership, 2015 (Tennessee Temple University, Tennessee, USA)



Senior Pastor:  Falam Christian Church of Indianapolis, Indiana, USA since 2009

Previous work:

State Consultant: Welfare Department, State of Indiana, USA 2003-2010

Student Activist of “8888” Burmese Student Democratic Activist (1988-1991)


Membership and leadership roles:

Director of Development: CBANA

Executive Member: Cross Road Baptist Association, SBC, Indiana

Board of Directors Member: Chin Community of Indiana


Advisor to:

Institute of Chin Affairs (ICA)

International Life Ministry (I-life Ministry)


Previous leadership roles:

President: Chin Community of Indiana

Chairman: Board of directors, Chin Community of Indiana

Vice President: Burmese American Community Institute

Vice President: Chin Baptist Association of North America

Member of Board of directors: Asian American Alliances

General Secretary: Chin Community of USA